Rae Diance Florists and Gift Shop holding another workshop in McLennan, June 27

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Following a successful “Rustic planter workshop” on May 23 at Ecole Providence in McLennan, Amanda-Rae Vance and Janessa Rae Allan of “Rae Diance Florists” in Grimshaw, will hold another workshop on Wednesday, June 27.

Fifteen participants attended the May 23 event, which was organized by Marilynne Brulotte and instructed by Vance and Allan.

For that workshop, participants had the choice of three flowers, a ladybug or a bee design and during the workshop the participants painted the cutout, wooden images to their own particular taste.

The participants chose the designs they wanted prior to the workshop, so when they arrived on May 23, a package of each participants choosing was ready.

Once painted, the images were then attached to the flower boxes and at the end of the workshop the participants took the finished planters home.

For the Wednesday June 27 workshop the theme will be “wooden welcome posts” and as with the earlier workshop all materials will be provided but this time there are no add-ons or options such as the flower and bug motifs at the earlier workshop.

“They get a wooden welcome post, the pictures are on our Facebook page and then they have a sign that goes on the post, which they can customize to what they want it to say,” says Amanda Rae Vance.

The participants are given a stencil of the message they want on the sign and Vance and Allan teach them how to stencil on the completely customized message.

Payment and pre-registration through the “Rae Diance Florists,” is necessary for those who wish to attend the workshop.

The workshop can run up to 3 hours and costs $80, which includes all materials, including snacks and refreshments and participants leave the workshop with a completed piece.

Allan and Vance hold workshops at numerous venues throughout the Peace River region.

“We pretty much go wherever people want us so we have done a couple in Spirit River and Manning and then Marilynne Brulotte asked us if we would come to McLennan,” says Allan. “We just kind of go where people want us to go.”

Rae Diance Florists celebrated its first year in business in April of this year. Amanda-Rae Vance and Janessa Rae Allan also hold workshops at their Grimshaw location.


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