A bountiful race through the aisles for winner of Lakeview Foods 50-second shopping spree

Jason Doris owner of Lakeview Foods with Cathy Blais, winner of the TGP Fresh Giveaway, 50-second shopping spree, July 6.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Cathy Blais is this year’s lucky winner of McLennan Lakeview Foods’ 50-second shopping spree.

Winning the The Grocery People (TGP) Fresh Giveaway, gave Blais fifty-seconds to shop at Lakeview, up to a value of $500.

The program ran from April to June where shoppers had an opportunity to put their names in for the draw and along with the main prize of the shopping spree, Lakeview Foods also gave away six $25 gift cards.

Edmonton based TGP typically runs some kind of promotion through its stores at this time of year, but beginning last year they decided to do things a little different.

Now every TGP store gets to give away a shopping spree rather than customers competing among all 387 stores in western Canada.

“I always wanted to win because growing up in High Prairie, there were always these shopping sprees and it was neat to find out who won it and how much they won and stuff like that,” says Blais. “As a kid you think what would I do and of course, being a kid the chocolate, pop, chips, the important stuff not the produce.”

However, now that she has won, Blais’ priorities have changed and the “important stuff” is now healthier, more practical choices and not so much chocolate and pop.

On July 6, Blais put her 50 seconds to good use, reaching the Lakeview Foods checkout with $401.57 in groceries.

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