Public works department for the M.D. preparing its 2018 gravel program

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The public works department for the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130 has prepared the draft of its 2018 gravel program.

Kevin Cymbaluk, the director of operations for the M.D., discussed this during the council meeting on Jan. 10. Cymbaluk noted that it should be finalized by spring.

He also noted that a proposed name change for Alder Ridge Road has been advertised and there are no public concerns about it.

The M.D. will begin consultations with Opus International regarding the options for the 92-year-old High Prairie bridge south of Guy.

Also, the M.D. is evaluating options for a new water intake for the Little Smoky Ski Hill.

Alberta Environment has to approve a new licence for the project, then engineering proposals can be developed.

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