PRSD gets high grades in report

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Peace River School Division [PRSD] gets passing grades on an annual report card from Alberta Education.

At its regular meeting June 25, the board reviewed results from the Accountability Pillar Report.

PRSD is pleased to report that six of the 12 measures updated in the May 2020 report have increased and exceeds provincial averages in four measures.

“We share in this celebration of improvement and continued growth with our school communities,” says board chair Darren Kuester.

Specific areas of improvement on the report from May 2019 to May 2020 include:

-8.6 per cent increase in transition rate.
-2.6 per cent increase in Rutherford scholarship eligibility rate.
-2.2 per cent increase in school improvement.
-1.0 per cent increase in diploma exam excellence.
-1.0 per cent increase in parental involvement.
-0.7 per cent increase in safe and caring.

PRSD exceeded provincial averages in the areas of safe and caring, citizenship, parental involvement and school improvement.

PRSD’s First Nations Metis and Inuit [FNMI] APR results also exceed provincial averages in the areas of drop-out rate, high school completion rate, diploma exam participation rate and Rutherford Scholarship eligibility rate.

The APR is provided by Alberta Education and serves as a report card for PRSD. It contains test results, completion and transitional data and results from student, parent and staff surveys.

The report is updated twice per year, once in October with provincial and diploma exam results, and again in May with survey results and transitional data.

PRSD continues to implement collaborative response, which identifies student strengths, learning styles and specific learning needs.

Student progress is frequently assessed collaboratively among staff and when required, instruction is adjusted and supports are put in place.

PRSD remains focused on literacy and numeracy, mental health, wellness, flexible learning environments, technology integration, community partnerships, communication, and targeted professional development opportunities for staff.

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