PR’s updated snow removal policy promises efficiency

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

After long discussions, the Town of Peace River has completely updated its snow and ice removal policies.

The policy identifies which town roads are priority for clearing. All the arterial roads including known hospital, school bus routes, and emergency service routes as well as critical slopes within the town are first priority for snow clearing, followed by “collector” roads including the downtown core and parking lots, and finally all other local roadways such as driveway approaches.

The policy also outlines which sidewalks, paths and gravel roads are cleared first, as well as sanding for ice.

The changes in the new policy include moving road ban hours to daylight hours when residents are at work, changing the days of the road ban to non-garbage and non-recycling days to avoid pickup conflicts, and arranging road ban days to minimize disruption to neighbourhoods.

Following the Governance and Priorities meeting on Sept. 8, council also asked staff to review road ban enforcement during periods of no new snow. A new section states that on days during the winter when there has not been a snowfall event for the previous 72 hours, and there is less than 50 mm of total snow accumulation on the travelled surface, the parking ban will not be enforced until such time as a new snowfall occurs.

The updates will fix some of the issues with the previous ice and snow removal policies by making public works more efficient, ensuring more time is spent clearing the roads and less time is spent setting up signs.

The goal of the changes is to make sure residents get better service without any new costs.

The new bridge will also have new access points to be cleared, and the new roundabout will be treated the same as the existing roundabout with responsibilities for clearing split between the Town and Alberta Transportation.

The effective winter period under normal conditions will be from Nov. 15 until April 15.

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