Provincial government hasn’t responded to M.D.’s genetically engineered alfalfa bylaw proposal

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The M.D. of Smoky River No. 130 wants to designate genetically-engineered alfalfa as a prohibited noxious weed to keep it from being grown in the region, but the provincial government has so far not responded to this issue.

Normand Boulet, the agricultural fieldman for the M.D., discussed this during the council meeting on Sept. 13. Council reviewed a letter sent to Agriculture and Forestry Minister Oneil Carlier to respond to their bylaw request, no response has been received to date.

Boulet also discussed two draft resolutions. One concerns a timely response to appeals by the provincial government and the other is for reporting requirements for certain pests. He noted that the agriculture and forestry minister has no time frame for dealing with appeals under the Weed Control Act and the Agricultural Pest Act. Boulet has worked with Saddle Hills County and Northern Sunrise County to draft this resolution. Council consensus was to support this resolution at the October regional agricultural service board conference.

Boulet also presented a resolution which would make it mandatory for the reporting of sightings of the Norway Rat, wild boar and Clubroot to local authorities. This would require an amendment to the Agricultural Pest Act and council passed a motion to bring this resolution to the regional ASB conference.

Boulet also noted that the M.D.’s summer mowing program will continue as long as weather permits. As well, Blackleg and Clubroot inspections are being conducted and the M.D. was given six more scare cannons by the Alberta Conservation Association, bringing the total available to producers to 12.

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