Province will help foot the bill for election

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The Alberta government will not leave municipalities holding the bag, so to speak.

Northern Sunrise County received notice as did all municipalities in Alberta that a grant is available from the provincial government to hold the senate and referendum votes during municipal elections Oct. 18.

Alberta Municipal Affairs Minister Rick McIver wrote council Aug. 5 with the news.

“Municipalities holding local elections will be eligible for a grant of $1 per capita or $1,000 [whichever is greater] for the senate election vote and $1 per capita or $1,000 [whichever is greater] for the referendum vote. . .” he wrote.

Reeve Carolyn Kolababa asked CAO Cindy Millar if the grant would over the cost of the election. She replied it was “undetermined” at the current time.

Marie Reine – Judah Councillor Dan Boisvert was not 100 per cent pleased the provincial votes were being held alongside municipal elections.

“It takes away from that [municipal vote],” he said.

“It’s confusing,” he added, noting that a federal election, provincial vote, municipal vote and school board vote were all occurring at nearly the same time.

However, Millar reminded council had no choice in the matter.

“Every municipality has to do that,” she said.

McIver wrote the decision to hold the vote at the same time was beneficial to taxpayers because it would be more efficient economically and allow voters to deal with multiple votes at the same time.

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