Providence School to build on its successes in the coming year

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The mission for the coming year at Ecole Providence is not to focus on new approaches but to reinforce the direction already in place.

“We have great academic and social programs at the school and we are not planning on any radically new initiatives but rather strengthening and developing on our successes,” says school principal, Krista Veitch.

Veitch references the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division’s mission statement: “Student Success in a Catholic community guided by Christ”.

“That means that the staff at Ecole Providence will continue to guide our students in their faith development with emphases on students becoming “the hands, feet and voice of Christ’, that is to to say, act and work on behalf of others with kindness and compassion,”.

She also acknowledges how fortunate Providence is to have such overwhelming support from the community and she wants to instill in the children that even at their young age they can reciprocate and give back to the their community.

“We want to teach the kids an awareness of others; a sense of gratitude and by giving back in whatever small way they can gives them a sense of personal value.”

Veitch says she is looking forward to continuing the school’s strong academic program, which focuses on creating a solid foundation in reading, writing and math, a base that is essential to all other academic pursuits.

“Our students and teachers are also provided with the very latest in technology to increase access to resources and to enhance the classroom experience,” she says. “Our classrooms are up-to-date, positive environments in which all of our students are supported in their pursuit of academic achievement.

Veitch says that the new school year is always exciting, seeing the students again after the summer, recognizing the changes in them, how they have matured and of course, welcoming the new students to the school.

“Our students are respected and celebrated, all have talents and it is our job to recognize and develop those talents and abilities. It is a family and community oriented school with the focus on our students, on their happiness and success.”

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