Providence skating program an unqualified success


Ren Lambert and Krista Veitch serving Providence students ice cream to celebrate the end of season for the school’s new skating program.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Just as they had celebrated the beginning of the skating program, the kids at École Providence celebrated the end of the skating season by returning to school for a game of bingo, ice cream and cookies.
The program was a big hit with the students with everyone anxious to hit the ice every Wednesday afternoon, since the program began on January 27.
“It is amazing how in that short time how their skating has developed and their confidence on the ice has also noticeably increased,” says École Providence principal, Krista Veitch. “It is amazing what a difference having that opportunity can make to a child and of course that confidence reflects itself in other ways also, even off the ice.”
With the Joint Use Agreement between Providence and the Town of McLennan, ice time for the program did not pose a problem. Now with the first year challenge of fitting out all the kids with the necessary equipment having been resolved, due in large part to the generous response from the community, the program is now secure and will be available in the future.

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