Ecole Providence music program participants perform at year-end concert

Pictured above, Clara Auger.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Participants of Ecole Providence individual lesson music program preformed at a year-end concert on June 19.

Under the guidance of teaching assistant Amanda Roy, all Grade 4 to Grade 6 student were encouraged to participate.

The program, which started with approximately 15 students receiving one individual lesson a week, eventually, with some students deciding music wasn’t their thing, settled with 8 students showing the necessary aptitude and commitment and those participants then received two lessons each week.

The program gave each student introductory lessons on piano, taught them to read music, to recognize the notes and learn the fundamentals. The program then progressed to offering the kids more complex musical challenges.

At the beginning of the program, which is provided free, Amanda Roy said the program offered the students an opportunity to see if they liked music and if so they could go to a piano teacher and do after school lessons.

“The kids who stayed with the program absolutely love it and they all look forward to attending their lesson,” says principal Krista Veitch.

At the June 19 concert, each of the eight students in the program had an opportunity to perform a piece, some performing solo and others accompanied by Ms. Roy.

The kids, though nervous, performed flawlessly and were justifiably proud of their accomplishment, as were the parents and family members who attended the afternoon recital.

Pictured above, Clara Auger.


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