Ecole Providence holds “Volunteer Appreciation Lunch” to thank the community for its valuable and growing support

Above centre: Gary Fisher, Vice Chair, HFCRD Board of Trustees, with volunteers and staff at Ecole Providence volunteer appreciation lunch.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

On Tuesday, December 13, Ecole Providence held its annual volunteer appreciation lunch.

The Grade 5 and 6 students catered to the guests, serving tables and ensuring that everyone had refreshments.

“Considering that the number of people attending the volunteer appreciation lunch increases every year, it is a fair indication of the growing commitment from the community towards the success of the school,” says Providence principal Krista Veitch. “And the volunteer appreciation day is a chance for us to thank all volunteers personally.”

Veitch reiterates that not all volunteers have the time to be immediately involved, but instead volunteer in practical and material ways.

Veitch points out that the volunteers contribute in numerous ways, such as the women who organize and participate in the mentorship program and those who contribute to the breakfast program both hands-on and with financial contributions.

“The McLennan RCMP Detachment has also had a strong presence at the school, talking and reading to the students and the kids really enjoy and appreciate that,” says Veitch.

She say that the members of the RCMP are also involved in coaching with the running club and that many of the Providence kids are members of the club, so that is a real benefit to the school.

“Gilbert and Therese Demeule, and Maggie Gervais, have been a cornerstone of the breakfast program for a long time and that is greatly appreciated,” Veitch acknowledges.

Having finished waiting tables, tidying up and washing dishes, the Grade 5 and 6 students got to sit down and enjoyed well-earned lasagna, chicken parmesan, juice and desert.

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