Ecole Providence holds volunteer appreciation lunch for those who contribute their time and resources to benefit the school

Guests at Ecole Providence, volunteer appreciation lunch on December 10.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

On December 10, Ecole Providence held its annual volunteer appreciation lunch and social get together, when volunteers experience a reversal in roles, visiting the school to relax without having to contend with students.

However, Grade 5 and 6 students were present at the event, waiting tables, serving coffee and drinks and making sure the guests were well looked after.

The kids also helped with tidying up, washing dishes and afterwards they sat down to enjoy a well-earned lunch.

“The kids are really committed to making this a good event as they value the role that volunteers play in the life of the school,” says principal Krista Veitch. “They need very little or no direction or encouragement from the staff, and do an excellent job of their own volition They really do the school proud.”

Veitch reiterates the value of the contribution and the hard work of all volunteers and the integral role they play in many aspects of programming at the school.

“The volunteer appreciation day is a chance for us to thank all volunteers personally over lunch and it is also an opportunity for the students to reciprocate for all that the volunteers do directly and indirectly on their behalf,” says Veitch.

Volunteers contribute in numerous ways at the school, such as the women who organize and participate in the mentorship program, a contribution that directly engages and benefits the students.

There are also longtime and continuing commitment of volunteers to the breakfast program, Maggie Gervais and Gilbert and Therese Demeule among others.

As many of the volunteers are retired, they are happy to contribute to the wellbeing and education of the children, and find it rewarding to see the positive influence they can have on the students.

Not all volunteers have the time to get directly involved, but instead contribute in other practical and material ways. The Royal Purple also provide a hot lunch once a month.

Many of those who participate in the mentorship program attended the volunteer appreciation lunch of ham, scallop potatoes, salad, desert, coffee and refreshments.

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division trustee, Gary Fisher and Parish Priest Fr. Eucharius also attended the event.


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