Ecole Providence awards and graduation ceremony 2017-2018

Ciara Auger

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The year-end awards and kindergarten graduation ceremony was held in Ecole Providence gym on the afternoon of June 27.

The event began with a display of the students learning fair where parents and visitors could do the rounds and admire the kids’ projects.

Introducing the awards, Principal Krista Veitch thanked everyone for coming to the event and also thanked Providence students for putting in an excellent performance during the school year.

Going through the different grades beginning with Grade 1, each student received an award in recognition his or her particular talent or attribute, that which gave than individual student the mark of distinction during the year.

These attributes were numerous and valuable such as proficiency at math, reading, art and science and also social attributes such as being cooperative, kind, helpful, humorous, and showing natural capacity for leadership.

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) No 37, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Learning, Cora Ostermeier and HFCRD Assistant Superintendent of Inclusion and Student Support Jim Taplin were on hand for the awards ceremony.

Ishra Islam won student of the year award, Zahara Rempel won the leadership award and Mary Katherine Jordan won the Sisters of Providence award.

The ECL kids, dressed formally for the occasion, received their graduation from kindergarten certificates and the graduating Grade 6 students received a special send off with an excellent musically enhanced photomontage, produced by librarian Marie-Anne Jones. The montage profiled each grade of the three graduating student as they matured through the years up to the point of their graduation from Ecole Providence.

The three students graduating this year from Ecole Providence are Wyatt Soucy, Ciara Auger and Trenyce Anderson-Defoe.

Wyatt Soucy
Treyance Anderson-Defoe


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