Promise delivered to Donnelly

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Worries over the possibility of no backup fire truck at the Donnelly Fire Hall were addressed during a meeting of village council March 15.

“There will be something here,” M.D. of Smoky River director of protective services – fire chief Marcel Maure promised council.

Maure attended the meeting and provided a history of the services provided at Donnelly since 2009. Council, who is in negotiations with the M.D. over the fire services agreement, is concerned service might be cut including the removal of a fire truck at their hall.

But that is not the case.

“Our level of service is not changing,” said Maure, adding there will be a fire truck at Donnelly.

He added a plan is in place to put the old McLennan fire truck at Donnelly when replaced.

Council was relieved to hear the news.

A short discussion occurred on the number of volunteers at the department. Maure replied he currently has 26 firefighters.

However, the volunteers at living at Donnelly are older and may not be with the department much longer, council heard.

Recruitment is ongoing but difficult.

“Volunteerism is dying,” said Maure.

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