Pro-active approach needed

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The Town of McLennan is staying as a member of Smoky River Regional Economic Development.

Council was pleased after hearing the work economic development officer Diane Chiasson, is doing after she appeared as a delegation at council’s June 14 meeting.

“[I didn’t realize] the amount of work it takes to get something going,” said Councillor Sue Delaurier.

“After the presentation, it opened my eyes a lot,” added Councillor Terry Calliou.

At least one councilor was also willing to suggest council share the blame for not being better informed.

“It’s not [their] fault we went through so many councillors [reps] the last few years,” said Marie-anne Jones.

However, Mayor Michele Fournier, the current rep on the organization, reminded council that two recent reps on SRRED resigned.

“So many switches,” agreed Delaurier. “I think there are certain boards, I feel once they start, should be kept.”

Calliou suggested more commitment from council.

“Once you’re on a board, you have to advocate for the entity,” he said.

Delaurier agreed.

“If we do stay with economic development and pay, we need to be pro-active.”

The matter was brought forward to council because if they wanted to withdraw from SRRED in 2020, they had to give notice by June 30.

McLennan is paying $14,965.20 to be a member in 2021. The cost to be a member in 2022 will be determined.

In her report, Chiasson updated council on efforts for better broadband service, services offered to small business, the proposed wind farm and hemp projects, and grants.

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