PRJH 2017 Science Fair Results (and more pics!)

Dawson Cardinal, Grade 8, with his project Bananas Under Environmental Change. He won silver in the biology category.

Gold – Kieran Larson: Earthquake-Resistant Buildings.
Silver – Kyle Calahesin: Exo Hands vs. Electric Prosthetic Hands.
Bronze – Spencer Peacock: Growing Oats Using Artificial and Organic Fertilizers.
Gold – Alexis Stewart: The Impact Weather has on Mood.
Silver – Madison Bourque: The Effects of Video Games on the Body.
Bronze – Iliegh Kerr: Sleep Paralysis.
Gold – Eve Keay and Rae Anne Gill: Eco Death.
Silver – Dawson Cardinal: Bananas Under Environmental Change.
Silver – Elly Beamish: Temperature Effects on Oats and Fall Rye.
Bronze – Kelly Stewart: How Does Alcohol Effect the Human Body.
Gold – Kura Stout: The Procedure of Petrified Wood Forming.
Silver – Davin Degner: Water Creation.
Bronze – Corey Isaac: Mentos Plus Coca Cola.
Gold – Amara Drefs: Thermal Equalibrium.
Silver – Naomi Strebchuk: Different Shapes Different Speeds.
Bronze – Danelle Gacuya: What Affects Sky Colour?

Naomi Strebchuk, Grade 8, with her project Different Shapes – Different Speeds. She won silver in the physics category.
Grade 9 students Desiree Bissell, left, and Joslin Gladue, with their project Blue Goo.
Grade 9 students Kailey Delorme, left, and Shelby Cook, with their project Cooties.
Brianna Cunningham, Grade 8, with her project Foods Affect Moods.
Danelle Gacuya, Grade 8, with her project What Affects Sky Colour? She won bronze in the physics category.
Spencer Peacock, Grade 8, with his project Growing Oats Using Organic and Artificial Fertilizers. He won bronze in the engineering category.
Amanda Davidson, Grade 8, with her project Sugar – Its Effects on Your Body.
Corey Isaac, Grade 8, with his project Mentos Plus Coca Cola. He won bronze in the chemistry category.

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