Good turnout for Pre-Christmas Vendor Show in Guy community hall, November 19

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
With the rush towards Christmas shopping gaining momentum, 20 vendors set up tables at the pre-Christmas Vendor Show in Guy community centre, Sunday November 19.

All twenty vendors, 17 home-based businesses and 3 crafters are from the Smoky River region including Kathleen, McLennan, Donnelly, Girouxville, Falher and Guy.

Organizer Doris Snider, who runs home-based business “Steeped Tea,” has coordinated many of these type of events says this is the only one she will do before Christmas.

“This is my show for the season,” she says. “We didn’t get as many people as we would have hoped but it was ok, it went well.” In the New Year we might do another one, probably in McLennan at the end of January.”

Snider says with these shows there is no way of knowing how things are going to go, it can turn out surpassing all expectations or the response can be less than anticipated. Of course, all kinds of factors can play into the matter like competing events and the weather, which on November 20 looked uncertain with some light snow.

There was also the big Christmas fair in Falher the following Saturday on November 6, and peoplemay have been waiting to go there with their kids and do some shopping.

However, Snider recognizes that the people who attended the Guy show are not the same demographic as those who generally go to the Falher event.

“We had a lot of elderly people here and these are not the people that are going to come through Falher,” says Snider. “Falher is more the younger group: they are going for Santa Days, there going for the Santa Pictures. The people who came here were a totally different group.”

Having paid for the hall, the additional money raised from the tables at the Guy Pre-Christmas Vendor Show, which was over $300 was donated to the FCSS voucher program to buy toys for kids.

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