PR Shell Rotary House holds open house

Northern Sunrise County Reeve Carolyn Kolebaba waves from the porch of Rotary House during the open house, while chatting with Peace River town councillor Byron Schamehorn.

Susan Thompson
Express Staff

The new Shell Rotary House across from the Peace River Hospital held an open house on June 20.

The open house was co-hosted by the Peace River Chamber of Commerce and included a free barbeque.

Rotary House is meant to be used by the public as a place to stay in order to be close to the Peace River Hospital or close to loved ones in the hospital.

Guests might have discharge instructions that require them to be close to the hospital, or might have an early morning procedure or appointment with a specialist.

Peace River Rotary Club President Richard Rhodes was on hand at the open house to give tours.

Rhodes says people’s length of stay at Rotary House varies, but is usually fairly short.

“It just depends on what they’re dealing with, so it’s whatever they need. Now, typically at this hospital it’s couple of nights at most, because it’s a birthing hospital, a lot of it is that. But it could be other things like trauma,” he says.

Besides being across from the hospital, Rotary House is also directly across from the new medical clinic that is still being built.

It costs less money than a conventional hotel.

A single room is $75 per night, while if two rooms are joined by opening the internal door, the rate is $125 per night.

Weekly rates are also available.

All guest stays are coordinated by Susan Rumleski.

Rotary House includes four rooms on the main floor for public guests.

Each room is fully furnished in a clean and modern style, with two queen sized beds, TELUS satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, a dresser, night stand, and iron and ironing board.

The four rooms can become two larger rooms by opening the connecting internal doors, if for example a large family is staying over.

Each guest has their own lockable pantry space in the shared kitchen, and guests can share the laundry room.

There is also a comfortable Knights of Columbus sitting room where guests and their families can discuss private or sensitive medical issues.

The upstairs also has bedrooms and its own kitchen, and is kept separate from the public portion of Rotary House, with its own entrance and stairs.

“Alberta Health Services uses upstairs, and downstairs is for the public,” Rhodes explains.

“The hospital is a training hospital, so there are lots of students that come here for that kind of hands on experience, and the nurses do the same sort of thing, and the specialists that come through on a regular basis want a place that’s close and handy, so there are a number of different Alberta Health people that end up using it.”

Rotary has partnered with North Peace Housing to provide the services at Rotary House, and North Peace Housing now has a new office on site.

To book at room at Peace River Rotary House, call toll free 1-877-688-4692 or email

For more information you can also visit their Facebook page or their website at http://www.

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