PR Minor Soccer requires volunteers

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Spring is in the air and minor outdoor soccer in Peace River is scheduled to hit local fields in early May.

The Peace River Minor Soccer Association is seeking volunteers to meet COVID-19 guidelines, president Lorna Grainger says.

‘We have been planning for our upcoming outdoor season and require quite a few volunteers to ensure that we are following COVID-19 guidelines,” she says.

“If we don’t have enough volunteers for the season, we will find ourselves in a position to having to cancel the season.”

After the 2020 outdoor spring season was cancelled by COVID-19, the association is eager to get back into action two nights a week.

No games will be played unless they comply with COVID restrictions.

“We estimate that we will require at least 50 volunteers,” Grainger says.

All volunteers will be required to comply with COVID restrictions.

Volunteers are required to register by April 20, Grainger says.

The association serves the areas of Peace River, Grimshaw, Nampa, Berwyn, Brownvale, Dixonville and Fairview.

Volunteers include entrance monitors, one at each entrance to the field, three for each time period, which would require about six to nine each night.

The association prefers that all volunteers be at least 16 years or older.

“They will need to be stern with people who are not wanting to abide by COVID guidelines,” Grainger says.

Each team will require two coaches and at least one must be certified by Alberta Soccer Association.

“We are estimating to have 14 teams, so 28 coaches would be required,” Grainger says.

Certified coaches must be over the age of 17 and older.

Each team requires a manager who will be responsible to take attendance, store the records and ensure equipment is sanitized before and after each practice.

All volunteers must supply a clean criminal record check and vulnerable sector check.

Records must be dated within the last three years and not expire during the season,

If the records expire during the season, the volunteer will require a new one.

Minor soccer attracts 275-350 players from ages 5-18.

“We are canvassing our soccer families from past seasons to see what the interest is and to secure enough volunteers to ensure we can have a season,” Grainger says.

Pre-registration will be opening soon.

The association invites parents to complete a Return to Training Survey that was sent to past soccer families.

Interested individuals can also fill in the following Google Form link and submit to the association:

For more information on minor soccer, people may contact the association in various ways. Email:

Please phone or text association manager Shawna Keddie at [780] 625-8412.

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