Poll by Poll results unavailable – and – Separation is now the news !

Compared to the much of the world, Elections Canada ran a country-wide election without notable hitches.

Except possibly one!

Elections Canada seems unable to produce poll-by-poll results in the riding of Peace River – Westlock. Despite several newspaper efforts by this company, nobody knows where the results are, or when they might be made public.

Winning candidate, and our new Member of Parliament when he is sworn in, says he is unable to find results also. That, according to his campaign manager.

Online, there is no information for any Alberta ridings on poll-by-poll basis.

As soon as we have some numbers, which may be several days yet if somebody, someplace is waiting for the “official result date,” we will post them.

In the meantime, we invite readers to share their thoughts on the election, along with our own thoughts below.

Suddenly, separation is news!

Apart from a few musings here and there in Western Canada, there were only a few words said about separation during the election campaign.

Those snippets were mostly found in comments to news stories by the general public, appearing in random places on various websites, talk shows and letters to editors.

The party lines, even for the Bloc Quebcois, was to avoid talk about any kind of separation, whether it be Quebec, Alberta or Western Canada.

In fact, for the most part, media opinion was all about how a minority Liberal government would have to put together some kind of “coalition” of the parties to be able to govern.

Oh my, such a problem, it was said! How does Justin Trudeau work with NDP? Or Green? Or Bloc?

The same with a possible Conservative minority. So, the wind blew and the birdies flew. In mostly wrong directions.

The 2019 federal election is over. Suddenly, online news sites are full of Western separation. This is a wonderful example of how politicians usually work. Find out what the feelings out there in people land. Then run out in front of the pack and pretend to be leading. Which right now, is what every media from Toronto to Vancouver is busy doing – trying to run in front of politicians.

So what is that “consensus of opinion?” Well, says just about everybody, let’s wait and see. Not exactly what a “hair on fire” media wants to hear and report on, is it?

“Gosh,” they seem to be pleading, “there just has to be an ambulance out there someplace that really needs chasing, is there not? Please! Where is it?”

Sorry. Not yet. Perhaps never in fact. But let’s face it. This election cycle is still young. Very, very young. Our new prime minister should be given a chance to muck things up, or prove the naysayers wrong. His forte is mucking things up, so let’s be patient.

Meanwhile, some decent reporting from CBC illustrates points that should be interesting to separatists. First, Alberta and Saskatchewan went heavy to Conservative blue. So did Manitoba and western British Columbia. CBC says as far as voter count goes, as many Conservatives in Ontario voted Conservative as did Alberta and Saskatchewan put together. The Ontario votes for Liberals were all in the Toronto “905” area code. Meaning, the West has many friends down east. Heck, since they are from northern and western Ontario, you might as well call them brothers and sisters.

The fact is, right across Canada, despite the Liberal victory in seats, Conservatives actually beat the Liberals in the popular vote. It is just a quirk of numbers. It’s also the flip side of Donald Trump’s win in the United States. There, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college numbers and thus lost the presidency.

And of course, there has been no end of the hollering and screaming since the American election was unfair.

Let’s settle down folks. Trudeau does not need any kind of coalition to govern. He might even last his full term if nobody makes a motion of non-confidence. If one of the other parties does make that motion, they will need their own “coalition” of parties to vote Trudeau out. This could go on for a long time. Not likely will it end tomorrow.

The two new Green Party members need to find their feet. The NDP is out of money. The Bloc? Well, half of Quebec voted against the Bloc, not for. Conservatives are in excellent shape. Fortress Western Canada and Fortress Western Ontario are as strong as ever, if not even stronger. The Conservatives know exactly where to attack in the next election. Basically, Liberals are hanging on by their fingernails.

The real story in coming days is how long Conservatives want to support the Liberals against what will probably be constant assaults by Green, NDP and Bloc. Even at that, the truth is, all of those parties want to see what they can drag out of Trudeau before they go to war. It probably won’t be much because most of their arguing points will be shot down by Conservatives. In other words, the coalition may turn out to be Liberals with Conservatives.

Back to Western Separation. That’s a topic still on the burner. We also think still on the burner is a Triple E Senate. Equal. Effective and Elected. Triple E is not as huge an upheaval as a breakup of the nation, or even a reforming along the lines of the European Union but an upheaval just the same.

If Trudeau Junior can manage the next year or so with remarkable statesmanship, making everybody happy or perhaps, not as unhappy as they could be, he will indeed deserve to stay in office. Building TMX is one positive step already. TMX doesn’t and shouldn’t need a “now you owe me one” deal. It also sends a good message to Alberta and Saskatchewan, without really hurting feelings almost anywhere else in Canada, feelings that can bring down a government.

Prime ministers since and including John Diefenbaker have tried to run a unified country. Some honestly. Some without regard to anything but their own political and personal futures. It can’t be said all have failed because obviously, Canada is still one nation. Divided in some ways. Together in others.

And here we go again!

– Jeff Burgar

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