Continued political interference in Kinder Morgan project must be roundly condemned, says the United Conservative Party

United Conservative Party
News release

Premier Rachel Notley should join the Opposition in condemning the B.C. NDP’s radical plan to bog Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion down in new legal and environmental challenges, United Conservative Party Energy Critics Drew Barnes and Rick Fraser said today (Aug 10).

On the heels of an election promise to “use every tool in the toolbox” to stop the shovel-ready pipeline expansion, the B.C. NDP today announced its plans to seek intervenor status, erect new environmental hurdles and join existing legal challenges against the project.

“This project has already been approved by our world-class energy regulator, as well as two federal cabinets. The B.C. government doesn’t have a leg to stand on and we need to make that clear as a province and country,” Barnes said. “There’s absolutely no excuse for this kind of political interference, especially at this stage in the game.”

Fraser said it’s time for Notley to drop her “social licence” scheme, which has failed to win any support for pipelines on the west coast.

“Premier Notley’s plan to win over her friends in B.C. with ‘social licence’ has flopped,” Fraser said.
“The Premier needs to show she’s ready to do what Albertans elected her to do, which is put Alberta’s interests first, and roundly condemn this latest news.”

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