Prime Minister vows to phase out oil sands, cripple national economy

Progressive Conservative Party
News release

Calgary – The following statement was issued by Ric McIver, Progressive Conservative Interim Leader and MLA for Calgary-Hays, in response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statements on phasing out the oil sands:

“I am incredibly disappointed to see our Prime Minister target Alberta’s oil sands. It’s unfortunate to see him side with Hollywood celebrities by vowing to phase out our oil sands. Albertans expect better from our Prime Minister.

“Alberta’s oil sands create thousands of mortgage-paying jobs for Canadians across the country. As a major driver behind the national economy, our oil sands have a direct and positive impact on the lives of all Canadian families. Phasing out our oil sands would cripple our national economy.

Premier Notley and Prime Minister Trudeau promised Albertans that if we buy into their carbon tax, we will get the social license we need to develop our resources. Today, the Prime Minister made his true intentions clear.

“I encourage Prime Minister Trudeau to spend time in our oil sands to see firsthand the great work being done by private industry. Alberta entrepreneurs and businesses are working hard to keep our economy moving forward while protecting our environment. If the Prime Minister knew about this great work, he would know that we do not need to phase out the oil sands. I invite Prime Minister Trudeau to come to Alberta and have this conversation with those that would be most affected.”

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