PLS ‘Explore’ contest could make visiting the library even more rewarding

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Since the advent of the internet and its ongoing developments, a library’s resources now extend well beyond its in-house resources, although that cache still possesses as much value and welcome surprises as it always has.

Although so much is available to people online, it is still important to actually visit the library in order to gain a comprehensive idea of the myriad of resources and programs available and to learn how to access those resources, which include educational, parenting, entertainment, recreational and much more.

Having recognized that member libraries needed assistance in reaching out and attracting new library users, the Peace Library System (PLS) has retained outside consultants to launch a series of campaigns to promote the use of public libraries across the region.

As part of PLS’s 2016-2018 ‘Plan of Service,’ one of its initiatives is the ‘Explore’ campaign, designed to encourage people to actually visit their library to learn what libraries have to offer.

While it is always rewarding to explore your local library, the ‘Explore’ campaign offers the added incentive of giving those who visit the library a chance to win one of two $250 gift cards of their choice. The two gift card categories are the 13 to 17 age group and 18 years and up.

Participants must physically visit any participating PLS Public Library to get an entry form and complete four items on the form: find the secret word somewhere in the library, have the librarian sign and date two borrowed items that can be physical or digital and note their favourite book.

The fourth item on the form is to answer yes or no as to whether one is aware that they can borrow e-books, audiobooks, e-magazine, music and movies with their library card.

The ‘Explore’ contest runs until October 29.


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