Pleasantview expansion ahead of schedule

Exterior work on the expansion project at Pleasantview Lodge in High Prairie is complete to allow interior work during the cold winter months. The photo taken Nov. 30 shows the southwest corner of the addition.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Work progresses to construct a two-storey 20-unit expansion at Pleasantview Lodge in High Prairie.
Heart River Housing CAO Lindsay Pratt says the project is ahead of schedule.
“The roof is complete,” Pratt says on Nov. 30.
Before the project started in June, contractor Stuart Olson Construction scheduled to start the roof work Dec. 6.
The project will add 10 one-bedroom and 10 two-bedroom units to the lodge that currently has 53 bachelor suites.
Crews were scheduled to start to rough in electrical, heating and plumbing the week of Dec. 6.
“The parking lot paving is complete and outside work will stop until spring,” Pratt says.
“Exterior patios and storage areas for the suites are complete.”
Fascia and soffits will be done in the spring with the siding.
However, crews will start to construct the shop and carport on the west side of the building in mid-December, Pratt says.
Insulation and drywall is set for December and January when the contractor also plans to complete the rough-in of mechanical equipment.
Meanwhile, interest for the suites continues to grow.
“We are up to 29 applications by the end of November,” Pratt says.
“We still encourage interested people to contact the lodge for an application.”
He says administration is getting excited as the new living quarters take shape in the next two months.
“We are very happy with the design and how the suites look,” Pratt says.
“In the New Year, we will be assigning suites to applicants.”
They will be assigned on a first-come-first- served basis.
Donations continue to flow in for a program to raise money to upgrade walking paths and landscaping, add benches and improve the greenhouse.
Pratt says that $26,500 has been donated.
“With winter hitting now, we are in the planning stages of the work of the walking trails and greenhouse,” Pratt says.
“Once that is in place, we will focus back on fundraising.”

A view from the northwest corner of the Pleasantview Lodge addition.
A view from the west side of the Pleasantview Lodge addition.

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