PIC – Playing your best hand in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and shouting ‘Off with their heads!’ too

Here’s another photo of the Oct. 6 performance of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at Ecole Routhier. These ‘cards’ were following the lead of Daysha Tokarz, the Queen of Hearts, and Ephraim Marschner, the King of Hearts, and shouted ‘Off with their heads!’ All the while, the White Rabbit (played by Maddy Chitty, at the far left), is trying to keep track of time and not be late for an appointment, even when escorting Alice through Wonderland. The other students who played cards for this production were Adrien Dumont, Hayden Labrecque, Jerome Carifelle, Hailey Labrecque, Abigail Leclerc and Sienna St. John.

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