Plans to open day care in Nampa begin

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

A concerned group of residents in Nampa are working diligently to open a daycare centre in the community this year.
A general start up meeting will be held on Jan. 9 at 3 p.m. at the Nampa Seniors Drop-in Centre across from Nampa Complex.
“I have been asked to spearhead the possibility of a daycare being opened,” says Marie Dyck.
“(Our meeting) is to discuss the current survey results (of the survey) that was sent out to the community to determine the interest in opening a daycare,” she adds.
Dyck explains that the Peace River Daycare is at full capacity, and they have a long waitlist for parents to get their children into the centre. She feels this could be a good solution for parents in town and the surrounding area.
“We have not formed a board yet but will be doing that at this meeting,” she says.
“We will be applying for a Registered Non-Profit Society status so we can qualify to offer the subsidized $10 daycare fee and have the ability to work casinos for fundraising.”
Dyck says the meeting will be to organize volunteers and to start working on many things required to open the daycare, including business license application, grant funding applications, and applying to be a non-profit society.
“There are several steps involved and it will take some time to gather all the information that is needed,” she says, adding they also need people to help work on writing bylaws, policies, and procedures.
“We would love to see community members that are in need of this type of care for their children, those interested in being on the committee to get this organized, and people seeking more information about the daycare and employment opportunities to attend the meeting.”
Village of Nampa Councillor Agnes Roshuk, Northern Sunrise Councillor Gaylene Whitehead, Nampa Public School Council chair Doug Campbell, and long-time Nampa teacher Anne Saliwonchuk will all be helping with the daycare committee.
The potential daycare facility will be located in the west half of the Seniors Drop-In Centre, which has been newly renovated and has a large outdoor area. It is also conveniently located just one block away from Nampa Public School.
“The building will only require minimal amount of work to bring it up to code for the daycare,” says Dyck, adding things like adding fenced playgrounds will be a necessity.
“Many of the attending children will grow up together in daycare and attend school together in Nampa. It will also benefit some local employment, help parents working in our area and encourage parents to send their children to the local school,” she adds.
The targeted opening date is September 2023, a date that was chosen after organizers spoke to the Alberta government. All donations of any amount will be accepted to get the project running. There will be many costs to assume during the start up phase, including application fees, advertisement costs and incidentals that will need to be covered.
If you would like any additional information, please contact Marie Dyck at (780) 618-2152 or via email at All interested community members are asked to attend the meeting.

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