PICs – More photos of the Ecole Heritage Christmas concert

Above, Maryse Simon’s Grade 1 class performs with a variety of instruments. Left-right are Brooklyn Gagne, Eric Michaud, Allison Gagne, Alix Boucher, Xavier St. Arnaud, Ali Veraart, Cedric Turcotte, Micka Drapeau, Noah Gagnon, Maja Maisonneuve, Karah Labrecque, Baron Sauvageau and Naveya Lambert.
Pictured above are students in Jennifer Dupuis’ Grade 9 class performing a dance to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. Their ‘stereo’ offered the odd hiccup and had to be pounded to ‘restart.’ From left are Anique Tardif, Trista Boissonneault, Alexanne Fillion, Amber Labrecque and Aaqilah Charron. Sitting on the edge of the stage is Mathieu Maisonneuve.
Above, Renee Cloutier and Sophie du Tremblay’s Grade 3 class form a human pyramid. Top, Hanna Marcyk; middle, Presley Cloutier & Sarah Marinier; bottom, Erika Veilleux-Maras, Annalee Labbe, Renee Boucher & Payton Lambert.

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