PICs – More photos of the Smoky River Mud Bogs, held Aug. 5-6 at the Smoky River Ag Society grounds by Donnelly

William Outray competes in the 800 Unlimited class on Aug. 5. Outray managed a run of 165 feet. Two 200-foot trenches were used for the mud bogs. Some of the contestants found the going easy over the two days. But others merely spun their wheels and came to a halt.
Trevor Gibson completes the 600 Super Modified class in a time of 8.60 seconds on Aug. 6.
Samantha Deslauriers competes in the 500 Modified class on Aug. 5. During a re-run, she managed a time of 14.60 seconds.
Chris Thompson competed in the 100 Stock class on Aug. 5. He didn’t quite finish the run, but managed to make it to 197 feet.
Marcel Drouin competes in the 600 Super Modified class on Aug. 5 and he finishes his run in a time of 14.21 seconds.
Joseph Eskegen, driving ‘Down N Dirty’, completes the 250 Stock class in a time of 14.10 seconds on Aug. 6.

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