Completed Phase-4 of Falher Splash Park opened to the public on August 17

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The installation of Phase-4 of the FABuLAS, Honey Capital Splash Park project reached completion on August 16 and opened to the public the following day.

The new installation has the same recycled rubber surface as the Splash Park area, and includes a 4-piece swing set: one for a small child, one for a mother and child, and two swings for slightly bigger kids.

The new phase of the park also features the Rev-8, an innovative, rotating climber that puts a new spin on the classic Merry-Go-Round concept.

The Rev-8 offers up to 25 children at one time the opportunity to play together while engaging in a variety of activities such as running, pushing, climbing, spinning or if the kids need to catch their breath they can just sit and spin on the device.

While FABuLAS (Falher and Area Beatification and Leisure Society) did all the fundraising for the Splash Park project, the Town of Falher Council also approved donations from the town to contribute to the project.

PlayQuest from Edmonton, the company who did the original work at the park also installed the new features.

Base prep and gravel were donated by the Town of Falher and Public Works prepared the ground work for the Splash Park’s new phase. Dave Brown decided the layout and directed the project.

The Honey Capital Splash Park remains open until September 4.


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