Peace River wildfire reception centre deactivated June 20

Susan Thompson
Express Staff

On June 20, the Peace River Reception Centre was deactivated after 31 continuous days of operation. During that time 894 wildfire evacuees from nine different communities received support through the Reception Centre, according to an official statement from the Town of Peace River.

“While many people are still out of their homes at this time, due to ongoing wildfire threats, additional reception centres and evacuation centres have been activated by the province in response to these new evacuation orders. Peace River is being deactivated at this time,” the emailed statement said.

“We wish to thank the community of Peace River for your support during this difficult time. Peace Riverites from all ages and walks of life opened their hearts and our community to those who have been stranded here.

Through free community meals or access to recreation options you helped make a traumatic experience more bearable for many people. Thank you.”

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