Peace River floods

Water pours into town from a Pat’s Creek culvert
Gazebo becomes an island as Riverfront Park floods

Businesses in Peace River are assessing their damage after Pat’s Creek backed up into the town over the weekend. Rushing waters poured up in a fountain next to Panago’s pizza and flooded parts of downtown Saturday night starting at about 8:30 pm. An ice jam blocked spring meltwater as it rushed through culvert system running under the town. A state of local emergency was declared, and Town crews were able to pump the water out of the town without having to breach the dike. The dyke was last breached to let out flooding water from a similar backup in Pat’s Creek in April of 2014. While stores in Riverdrive Mall remained dry despite being surrounded by the flood, some downtown businesses including Wow Grill, the Dollar Store, and J’s Java Domain were closed Monday to clean up mud left on their floors by the retreating water. Restaurants will have to be inspected by Alberta Health Services before allowed to reopen. Some homeowners also reported their basements and garages had flooded. Most of downtown remained blocked off Monday, with barriers set up on key streets as town crews assessed damages and cleaned up debris. The Town has been posting flood updates to its website and social media.

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