Peace Regional RCMP report reduced calls

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Police in the Peace River region responded to fewer calls in Christmas and New Years than in the holiday season the year before.

Peace Regional RCMP reported about 187 calls from Dec. 21 to Jan. 3, compared to about 276 in the same period the year before, Sgt Dave Browne says.

“Over the holiday season, the detachment continued to respond to calls relating to regional property crime, most notably break-and-enters and thefts from properties,” Browne says.

“These occurrences are typically seen at properties that are vacant, such as houses under construction or renovation or on land that isn’t occupied.”

Browne says Peace police responded to a number of notable calls that included 25 calls for traffic offences, 18 calls of mischief, 15 motor vehicle collisions, six incidents of impaired driving, six public health orders, six assaults, five break-and-enters and one incident of disturbing the peace.

For the same period a year ago, Brown notes the most notable calls included 33 mischief calls, 31 traffic offences, 24 assaults, 20 motor vehicle collisions, 12 calls for impaired driving, 12 vehicle thefts, 12 calls of disturbing the peace and four break-and-enters.

“The holiday season can see an increase in property-related crime, possibly the result of property and business owners being away,” Browne says.

Items such as tools, gasoline and vehicles stored at those locations often become the target of thieves for property crime.

While some of these incidents take place during daylight hours, many occur during the early-morning hours before sunrise when these activities are less likely to be detected.

To protect property, Peace Regional RCMP encourages citizens take several crime-reduction steps:

-Frequently check on properties you’re not occupying;
-Do not leave valuables unattended at those locations;
-Get to know your neighbours and consider having them keep an eye on your property;
-Consider technology-based security solutions such as trail or security cameras that can notify you of activity at your property;
-Notify the police of suspicious activity in your neighbourhoods.

Browne say it is also important to record serial numbers of high-value property items and report their theft along with their corresponding serial numbers to the police when should they be stolen.

The Peace Regional detachment includes the towns of Peace River and Grimshaw, as well as Northern Sunrise County, a portion of the County of Northern Lights, the M.D. of Peace No. 135, the Woodland Cree First Nation, Duncan’s First Nation and the community of Little Buffalo.

The detachment area spans from the communities of Reno and Brownvale to the south, Dixonville to the north and Marten Lake to the east and many communities and rural areas in-between.

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