Peace Library System delegate updates Falher council on operations

Linda Duplessis for the Peace Library System.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The Peace Library System offers many resources to users and is always looking to improve its services to meet the needs of its 45-member libraries.

Linda Duplessis, the PLS director, made this statement as part of her presentation to the Falher council in the evening of June 11.

“We can always do more if we work together,” says Duplessis.

She noted that the Peace Library System is one of seven systems serving in Alberta and the Alberta Government’s Municipal Affairs and municipal contributions funds the library system boards.

The PLS was established in 1986 and serves 39-member municipalities within the region, as well as First Nations and Metis Settlements. PLS also contracts with some schools to provide services.

Information Technology services are a vital part of PLS operations, she adds, and digital services such as eBooks, eMagazines and online course offerings (e.g. are increasingly important.

Duplessis also highlighted information pamphlets available for library users. One details TRACPAC, a partnership of four library systems offering an online catalogue of over three million books, DVDs and other materials from over 175 libraries in Alberta.

There’s also TAL Online, The Alberta Library online catalogue, which provides access to over 30 million items in 300 public, college and university libraries across the province.

It can be found at

Duplessis held a question-and-answer session with council prior to leaving.

Library services for Falher and McLennan

Information and services about the Falher Library can be found at

More information about the McLennan Municipal Library can be found at

Finally, information about the Peace Library System can be found at Or call (780) 538-4656.


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