Partial closure amended

Emily Plihal
South Peace News

In a past meeting, council decided to close both sides of 2nd street SE in the narrowest part of the road to parking because there is no room to get through when vehicles are on both sides.
The dead-end road is located north of Ecole Heritage on the East side of town.
Council brought the issue back to the Sept. 15 meeting.
“It closes off the access to the park,” says Councillor Lindsay Brown. “And that park is amazing for people to go in the evening.”
Council members agreed but addressed issues regarding the narrow part of the street.
“If there’s a school event going on and the fire truck or emergency vehicles can’t get it there could be an issue,” says Mayor Donna Buchinski.
Council reviewed the issue and Brown made a motion to allow parking between the catch basins of both sides of the park but to keep the remainder of the road closed to parking.

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