Paddle the Peace just not with a dinghy or someone who can’t paddle, but worth the laughs after

In this picture you have Ziany Rahim being pulled by a kind sweet man named Henry. He felt sorry for her as she was going round and round and not getting anywhere. At the end after Henry pulled her a mile she gave up. The fire department boat came to save her. Leaving behind her friends and laughing at them, while she’s in a nice boat with firemen.

By Faye Turcotte
Smoky River Express Ad Manager

Paddle the Peace was held on August 18.

I thought it would be fun to do the paddle with friends so I signed up with Lisa Verreault and Ziany Rahim to go paddle the peace.

When I told Lisa we were going on a boat she thought I booked her a cruise in a warm county, not on a river where she has to paddle her butt off.

Lisa made it half way in her dinghy to the Strong Creek Campground, where we stopped for lunch and met up with Ziany all nice and relaxed.

Well Lisa was beat, its hard to paddle the river when it was calm no current to help.

My car was at the boat launch in Peace River.

I went back out and with Henry keeping me company I countined on my trip down the river to the finish.

If ever there is a next time I will rent a canoe or kayak and give Ziany lessons on paddling a boat first .


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