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Bob Owens

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Longtime school teacher and administrator Bob Owens has been nominated for the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Owens, currently the principal of Georges P. Vanier School in Donnelly, has been nominated as the High Prairie School Division candidate for the award, says a HPSD news release.

He has been on staff with HPSD since 1980 and progressed in his career path.

“He is a graduate of our division and has selflessly given of himself to improve the educational environment and increase the learning opportunities of not only his students but also of his colleagues,” says Tammy Henkel, who chairs the board.
“His exemplary work has impacted and continues to impact the lives of countless generations of students through his long and successful career at our division.
“The caliber of excellence that Mr. Owens brings to our school division is invaluable to the students he teaches, the staff he leads, and the colleagues he mentors.

His nomination for the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence is wholly supported by the entire school division.

“Mr. Owens, in our minds, is the choice candidate for the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence,” Henkel says.

His 37 years of educating in our division as a teacher, vice-principal, and principal, have realized a long and distinguished career as an educator and mentor, not only for his school but also for his community.

His exemplary teaching and leadership practices continue to be a model of quality education for our staff.

“Mr. Owens is an outstanding individual and a truly outstanding and innovative teacher.”

HPSD has received several letters of support for the nomination from the current vice-principal, former principal and superintendent, with the following excerpts.

-Pam Heckbert, vice principal, Georges P. Vanier School:
“Perhaps the most defining characteristic of Bob is his unwavering commitment to doing what is best for kids, his school, and the profession.
“There are many master teachers who have high expectations of their students, but Bob has high expectations of himself, his students, and everyone around him. “Just like he motivates and encourages kids, he also extracts excellence from his staff, his peers, parents, and even his own supervisors.
“Bob has taught me that every student is capable, and it is our moral responsibility to maintain high standards.
“He expects best efforts from his students, and by giving his own best effort, he motivates everyone who has influence in students’ lives to work harder to support appropriately.
“By creating this circle of accountability, Bob tends to their needs, whatever they may be, by knotting the holes in their net of support.”

-Murray Marran, former principal of Georges P. Vanier School:
“Further, when Bob, as leader, talks about student achievement, his passion to see students succeed is evident.
“He encourages teachers to look at assessment practices, curriculum delivery and approaching difficult topics in many diverse ways.
“This passion both ignites and motivates teachers to continually strive for the best for their students.”

– Laura Poloz, superintendent:
“A local product, we are honoured to nominate Bob Owens for the 2017 Prime Minister’s Award of Teaching Excellence.
“His devotion to this division and its staff, students, and communities has set the bar for our educators.
“He is truly an outstanding educator and we are privileged to have him with our division.”
Recipients are eligible for two awards, the Certificate of Excellence at the national level, and the Certificate of Achievement at the regional level, states the program website. No date has been set to announce the winners.

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