“Out of the Hut Foundation” holds second annual garage sale in McLennan

Abraham and Deborah Deng with their child.

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Justine Dubrûle

In hopes of making this a tradition, Out of the Hut Foundation is hosting for the second year in a row a communal garage sale in the town of McLennan. This garage sale will take place at the Ecole Providence’s gymnasium on June 9, from 9am to 8pm.

Motivated to raise funds, this foundation strives to reach their goal of $15,000 to finally be able to build the sustainable water-well the small town of Mading Biong desperately needs. Out of the Hut stands by its inspiring mission statement that a better education is the answer to reaching a better world; hence the urgency to provide accessible water for children whom would otherwise spend hours of their days fetching potable water.

Civilian violence and injustices among many other crimes against humanity are to this day, happening in South Sudan. Those realities are often being ignored, given the distance and isolation of countries like those who are so far away. Out of the Hut Foundation chose to make it their responsibility to make a change focusing on their long-term goal of helping children reach a higher level of education. The foundation has done previous fundraisers including ditch-cleanups, bottle drives and garage sales.

Nine years ago, brothers Joseph and Abraham Deng immigrated to Canada, trusting to find a healthier and safer environment to raise their families. Nonetheless, they were torn by the changing realities and became driven to help their friends and family back home in South Sudan; thus, began Out of the Hut Foundation. Abraham now resides in McLennan with his wife and son, while his brother Joseph remains in Grande Prairie with his family.

Out of the Hut welcomes all who would like to donate any type of profitable good for the garage sale. We look forward to seeing — this year too — the immense support of our community that we had the gratefulness to experience through last year’s communal garage sale. For questions and more information, please contact Isabelle at 780-324-2256.


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