Ottawa trip raising awareness

Joe McWilliams
For South Peace News

Gift Lake resident Dean Cunningham Sr. is on his way to across the country to Ottawa on horseback!
He started the 3,000-km ride about three weeks ago and passed through Slave Lake May 23. He expects the trip to take 2-3 months.
Cunningham isn’t making the trip for the good of his health, or to see the country. He’s hoping to raise awareness of various issues faced by Indigenous people in Canada. Some details can be found on the Facebook group called Dean’s Journey to Ottawa.
The list of issues in need of greater awareness includes residential school survivors, truth and reconciliation, missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, genocide, Every Child Matters, land back, and Aboriginal Justice inquiries.
If you see him on or by the road, says Liza Cunningham in a Facebook post, please show your support by waving, not honking. The sound of horns spooks the horses.
People may show support in other ways. A bottle of water and perhaps some food are being suggested by supporters, although it’s worth noting he can only carry so much.
Coffee? Apparently, he likes it with sugar and ice cream!

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