Options for old High Prairie bridge to be reviewed

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The M.D. of Smoky River No. 130 and its partners will review five options for the old High Prairie bridge. Replacing that bridge could cost as much as $12 million.

Kevin Cymbaluk, the director of operations for the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130, discussed this as part of his report to council during their meeting on January 16. Alberta Transportation, Big Lakes County and the M.D. of Greenview are among the partners reviewing the options.

In other news, the public works department is clearing brush on roads and in ditches and the lift station projects for Guy and Jean Cote should be completed by spring.

The public works department continues to work on applications for water intake licences for the Little Smoky Ski Hill, to make snow. Also, the M.D. has accepted requests for proposal to upgrade the municipality’s GPS units, which monitors all of their equipment. Finally, tenders are being accepted for a new rubber-tired loader.


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