O’Mahony Conservation Area annual hike reminds us that this natural reserve is open year round

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The Kimiwan Lake Naturalists annual community hike at O’Mahony Conservation Area took place September 30 in relatively mild weather and just ahead of another snowfall.

As the walk overlapped with a number of other local events a relatively small group headed out on the trails among them Kimiwan Lake Naturalists members Philipa O’Mahony and Mark Heckbert and his family.

The community hike has been an annual event since 2011, and apart from heading out to enjoy the early fall walk on the trails, the event is also organized to promote awareness of the area and to encourage the community to avail of it.

The O’Mahony Conservation Area is open year round so people can visit at any time.

Developed by the O’Mahony family, G.P. Vanier School and the local community, the area, is not only a conservation reserve for birds, wildlife and vegetation but also a place for the community to enjoy.

However, it is important that people respect that it is first a conservation area and when using it for skiing, walking, bird watching etc., visitors must remember to take out anything they bring in to preserve the natural equilibrium of the area.

Motorized vehicles, bicycles, hunting, pets and horses are prohibited. The lighting of fires is also forbidden.

The Kimiwan Lake Naturalists are a not-for-profit society committed to maintaining the ecological integrity of Kimiwan Lake and utilize the area for education, research and habitat enhancement activities.

The Society operates its Interpretive Centre and Birdwalk, on Hwy 2 in McLennan.

Located on the south shore of the lake, O’Mahony Conservation Area is 9 km south of McLennan on Hwy 2. The trailhead parking lot is 1 km from the highway on Twp 770.

A group hitting the trails at O’Mahony Conservation Area’s annual comunity hike, September 30.


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