Off-road vehicles prohibited on McLennan lakeshore trails

McLennan lakeshore trail entrance close to the Kimiwan Lake Birdwalk.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Work got underway recently paving the McLennan lakeshore trails and the Town of McLennan is asking people to respect the trails and be mindful of the many volunteer hours that went into building the walking trails and to appreciate how fortunate residents are to have this recreation area available.

“We ask that if you are driving your off-highway vehicle such as quads, dirt bikes etc. that you stay off the walking trails so not to damage them,” says Town of McLennan CAO Lorraine Willier.

Work commenced recently on paving portion of the trails this year beginning at Manoir du Lac. However the entire trail network should be respected and not used by off-road vehicles.

“Off-highway vehicle users can use the lakeshore for the purpose of travelling the most direct route to enter and exit town limits but not to race up and down the trails,” says Willier.

The Town of McLennan would also like to remind pet owners walking their dogs on the trails that they are responsible for cleaning up after their animals when necessary.


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