Obituary – Cecile Gertrude Poirier (nee L’Heureux) passes away at the age of 92

Cecile Gertrude Poirier
December 15, 1924
– August 25, 2017

Cecile was born in Ponteix, Saskatchewan to Ernest and Rose Anna L’Heureux. They were dairy farmers and sold milk but because of severe drought in Saskatchewan, Cecile moved to Falher, with her parents at the age of three years. Her parents bought the poolroom in Falher and that was to be her home until she married.

She did her schooling in Falher to Grade 9.

In 1943, at the age of 19, Cecile married Adrien Poirier. They lived in Falher until 1950, where Adrien, along with his father, Wenceslas, owned a blacksmith shop in the lot beside what is now Grandma’s Den.In 1950 the family moved to their homestead northwest of Jean-Cote by the banks of the Smoky River. She cleared land, picked berries, tended to her garden and canned everything she could for winter. In the early 1950’s, fire swept the banks and they were forced to move to another location, ½ mile farther east of the banks, near a creek which gave them easier access to water, though the water still had to be hauled. In 1957, it was decided to dig the creek deeper, make a dam with an overflow and this would give them all the water needed. The house was moved a third time and that would be Cecile’s home until 2006.

In December 2006, Cecile and Adrien moved in with their daughter Louise and her husband, George, for 1.5 yrs and then for a few months to live with Gilbert, their son and his wife Noella. From there they moved to the Villa in Falher, until Adrien was transferred to the Manoir Du Lac Nursing Home where he passed away in March 2010. She continued to live at the Villa and enjoyed her many friends most of whom she had went to school with or were her neighbors in Jean-Cote. She enjoyed the Villa and she called it home. She lived a quiet life there, watching TV, reading and making puzzles with the other residents. In 2012 after two hip replacements and a shoulder replacement, Cecile moved to the Manoir Du Lac in McLennan where she lived until she passed away.

She did many things in her 67 years of marriage. There were the years of the Ferris Wheel and Merry-Go- Round. There were the years of selling eggs and the years of selling trout to farmers and stocking their own lake with 1500 rainbow trout every spring.

But what she will be mostly remembered by were the years at the Rainbow Trout Park where she welcomed campers and helped with whatever the campers needed. She took pride in her beautiful yard with the swings, small creek, water fountain with goldfish in it and organizing the June picnic weekend. She also spent many hours taking care of her countless flowers. What a way for her to be with people which is what she loved to do.

Whatever she did in her life she will be remembered as a quiet individual who never raised her voice. Someone who preferred to be in the background but was very much in the forefront in many people’s lives.

She was predeceased by Dennis Thibault (grandson) in 1989, Adrien Poirier (husband) in 2010 and Georgette Poirier (daughter-in-law) in 2013

She leaves behind her five children: Henri, Richard (Wanda) Gilbert (Noella), Rene (Patty), Louise Garand (George) and her sisters-in-law, Patricia Parent, Lucienne Forcier, Sr. Lucia Poirier and Jana Leslie, as well as 13 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

The Poirier Family

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