Northern Sunrise implements minimum tax

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The fact Northern Sunrise County is mailing tax notices that cost less than the price of a stamp will no longer occur.

Council decided at its Aug. 24 meeting to implement a $50 minimum tax charge on all properties beginning in 2022.

Administration suggested a $25 charge because “everyone who owns property should contribute a minimum amount as they receive services” and that all were “tiny little properties”.

Administration also added, “We do see the ones [tax notices] that go out for $2” and about 30 parcels cost less than the price of stamp and envelope.

Council was quick to unanimously agree except for the $25 suggested fee.

“I’m not nearly as nice as you,” said Nampa Rural District Councillor Audrey Gall.

“I find it appalling we’re sending out notices for less than the price of a stamp.”

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