North Country Fair a family solstice celebration

Fair-goers had the chance to try their hand at walking on a “high” rope during the festival.

Katrina Owens

People from all over Alberta and then some came together at the 39th annual North Country Fair music festival in Driftpile from June 23rd – 25th.

The weather was bright and sunny for the ‘family solstice celebration’, which had over 50 musicians perform throughout the three days.

There were also a variety of food vendors offering everything from Nepalese cuisine to high quality crepes.

Craft, beauty, glass art and clothing shops popped up along the fair-grounds as well an array of holistic services, including Reiki, massage therapy, psychic readings and shiatsu.

A large portion of this year’s fair seemed to be dedicated to providing a safe space for those who needed it.

‘The Living Room’ was open for the entire time of the fair and had staff on hand who offered mental support for those going through ‘challenging experiences during altered states of consciousness.’

The next festival happening in Driftpile is the Astral Harvest and is happening from July 14 to 17, 2017.

“Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up” singing for kiddies and parents on the Reed Stage.
This young guy took a break from the music and enjoyed some sand sculpting.
This trio was having a jolly good time while listening to music.
The North Country Fair showcasing its pride for Canada 150.
Mom and daughter enjoying the weather at the North Country Fair.
Sal Geolard took time off from cooking for performers to juggle backstage.
Hip hop singer Maigan van der Giessen who also goes by ‘Tzadeka’ gave the crowd a taste of urban music during the fair.
Going with the flow of the fair, this gal (whose name we forgot to get) was on a mission to give out as many free hugs as possible.
The fair’s playground was swarming with kiddies such as this one, who was having a blast going down the lighthouse slide.
Aside from the music, wellness activities, food trucks and other workshops, fair-goers flocked to the vendor section where a variety of goods were being sold.
As part of the fair’s ‘awareness’ activities, attendees had the chance to participate in a variety of workshops focusing on wellness. People in the picture above were learning how music helps recovery.
Not all fair-goers were human but that doesn’t mean this guy didnt enjoy himself!

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