NLC offers drive-up Wi-Fi

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Northern Lakes College president Ann Everatt welcomes NLC students to use the drive-up Wi-Fi service at its campuses.

Free Wi-Fi service is being offered to students of Northern Lakes College.

The drive-up Wi-Fi service at NLC campuses launched June 1 to help students learn during the COVID-19 pandemic, states a news release June 1.

NLC started the service in an effort to address the gap in access to high-speed Internet that many residents in northern Alberta’s rural communities face.

“Drive-up Wi-Fi is just one more measure we have put in place to support our students to succeed,” president Ann Everatt says.

The service allows students to upload assignments and download course work and resources from the safety of their vehicle in the parking lot of the community campus.

Signs indicate the best place to park in order to access the strongest signal.

NLC was forced to limit access to campuses during the pandemic forcing students had to access their courses from home.

“For those who have no or limited access to connectivity, we have supplied devices with preloaded course content,” says Everatt.

The college’s unique Supported Distance Learning Model [SDL] has positioned the college well to respond to COVID-19 challenges, requiring fewer course delivery adjustments.

Colleges and universities have been closed since March 16 by provincial health orders as students study and learn online from home. Most employees work from home.

The largest challenge faced by the college is the lack of high-speed Internet in several northern Alberta communities.

In April, NLC provided affected students with laptops preloaded with required learning materials.

The college’s SDL model has meant course delivery itself has required fewer adjustments.

It allows students and their instructors to connect in an online environment where they can interact in real time.

It also provides greater access to learning supports and a host of mental health and wellness services for students.

Utilizing its unique SDL model, NLC assists 5,000 students annually to continue their education, improve their employment opportunities, and enhance their quality of life.

NLC is accepting applications for September study.

Application can be made online at

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