New walleye regs webinar Jan. 13

Photo courtesy of Myles Brown, Alberta Environment and Parks

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

If you have something to say about walleye management in the Lesser Slave watershed, now is the time to say it. The new regs for 2022 aren’t yet fixed, and the managers want to hear what you think.
A second round of angler input is being sought as you read this, and it happens at least two different ways.
One is to do an online survey on the topic, open until Feb. 7. The other is to participate in one, two or three webinars. The one on northern Alberta takes place this Thursday evening, Jan. 13. Questions will be asked and answered. Points of view will be put forward.
“We hope to see lots of people out, listening and asking questions,” says Brown.
After that, (actually after the online survey closes on Feb. 7), all the data gets reviewed and the new regs come out in completed form (following ministerial approval) in April.
Brown says the data shows walleye are “struggling a bit” in the west basin of Lesser Slave Lake. They’re better off in the east basin – probably due to less access and less fishing pressure. So it’s likely some sort of further restriction is coming to help the west end walleye population rebound. Exactly what – as noted above – is yet to be decided.
How to get in on the webinar…. Brown says all holders of angling licenses will likely get an email. Otherwise, look for pertinent info online at
Getting back to the LSL pike situation, it’s been known for some time that it’s in trouble and that measures would have to be taken.
The decision on pike has been made, Brown says. Pike is considered to be “at very high risk” in Lesser Slave, so it will be catch and release only for the time being.
As for other species of fish in the big lake, no reg changes are being contemplated for 2022.

Webinar starts at 7:00 pm MST – Click HERE for 2022-23 Sportfishing regulations engagement on the Alberta government site. You can also register for the webinar at this link: January 13 at 7 pm: North Region Sportfishing Regulation Changes

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