New rates in McLennan disturb some

Mixed opinions about the new water rates at McLennan range from angry feedback to people understanding the cost of doing business is going up for everyone.
CAO Lorraine Willier reported on the matter at council’s Feb. 13 meeting when asked what the feedback was on the increased rates, which went into effect Jan. 1.
Willier replied the most negative effect was charging on vacant properties, as most municipalities do. Previously, landowners could have the service suspended but now a flat monthly charge applies.
“The flat charge rate of $20 for water will apply to all properties with a dwelling on it. Regardless if the house is vacant or not you will now be billed monthly come Jan. 1, 2023,” Willier said in November 2022.
The decision was made so the rest of residents were not paying for upkeep of services not being used.
“It’s only fair, everybody pays,” said Willier.

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