New physician arrives in Smoky River

Dr. Ifeanyi Ezike

Richard Froese
South Peace News

An experienced physician has arrived to serve the Smoky River region.
Dr. Ifeanyi Ezike started at the McLennan Associate Medical Clinic on March 17.
The region now has three physicians working at the Sacred Heart Community Health Centre in McLennan.
Dr. Ezike arrived in the region with 13 years experience and is pleased to be in his new home.
“Rural practice gives me opportunity to give my best possible care to members of the community,” says Ezike, who is qualified to do all the services provided by a family physician.
Moving from Calgary, he has also practised in Nigeria and rural Saudi Arabia.
“I have worked in small towns and rural areas for the past couple of years and I can say that those years have been so fulfilling for me in all ramifications. I have gained enormous experiences as a result.”
He notes working in a rural region with small communities has many benefits.
“It is easier to reach out to people and patients and know them well, which is an asset for adequate patient care,” Ezike says.
“There is genuine small-town hospitality and an adequate support system.
“Serenity of the environment and safety are things you can obtain only in a rural area.”
He says he was attracted to the Smoky River region for various reasons after much diligent research.
Now, as a resident of the region, he feels welcome.
“The first few days I have spent in McLennan have been awesome and rewarding,” Ezike says.
“People I have met have been so nice to me.”
The multi-cultural aspect of the region also appeals to him.
“I also noticed there is a diversity of culture among people of the Smoky River region with French being spoken by many people,” Ezike says.
“In fact, two of the staff at the medical clinic are bilingual and can speak both English and French languages fluently.
“This is something of interest and will give me an opportunity to learn a lot of new things.”
In his leisure time, he enjoys cycling and jogging.
“I am also open to try out new things. My recent growing interest in farming and fishing is what I would love to explore here in the Smoky River region.”
Ezike and his wife Jasmine have one daughter, Adaeze, 6, and son, Jeffery, 4.
The new doctor is currently accepting new patients. Anyone interesting, may contact the medical clinic at [780] 324-3054 to schedule an appointment.

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