New paving at railway crossing on Highway 2 west of McLennan

Crews paving the CN Railway crossing west of the Town of McLennan on Highway 2.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

On September 13, residents in McLennan experienced a welcome disruption to traffic at the railway crossing on the west side of the town.

Crews paved the area, grading out what was a substantial “speed bump” for those crossing the railway line on Highway 2.

Following CN track maintenance approximately one year ago, the line was elevated somewhat creating a hazard for motorists.

Some effort was made to improve the situation but it was only a partial solution.

A 35km sign was also put in place to caution motorists to slow down.

The paving crews worked quickly, keeping one lane of Highway 2 open, so the traffic back-up was kept to a minimum.

For drivers and especially McLennan residents the graded pavement is certainly a welcome improvement.


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