New leader thrills Viersen

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen has only high hopes for Pierre Poilievre as the new leader of the federal Conservative Party.
“I am thrilled that we are starting this new chapter of the Conservative Party of Canada,” Viersen says in a news release Sept. 12.
“Pierre Poilievre has demonstrated that he is a strong and capable leader ready to fight for Canadians who are hurting from high inflation and the cost of living.”
Poilievre was announced the winner Sept. 10 after collecting 68.15 per cent of the vote on the first ballot.
“Today, the Conservative Party stands united and ready to replace the corrupt (Justin) Trudeau (Liberal) government,” Viersen says.
“As Pierre said to caucus, ‘Canadians are hurting and it is our job to transform that hurt into hope; that is my mission’.”
Viersen says the party is committed to work hard for Canadians.
“Pierre is clear that Conservatives will fight tooth and nail against new taxes,” Viersen says.
“Our team will propose real solutions to fix the NDP-Liberal coalition’s incompetence, tax hikes, and out-of control inflationary deficits.”
About 480,000 of a record 670,000 members voted, the MP told the South Peace News.
“That reflects that people are tired of the Trudeau government with high taxes and high inflation,” Viersen says.
“They want a fresh government that is going to put Canadians back in charge of their lives.”
Viersen says Poilievre is ready to put the reins on uncontrollable costs.
“He’s going to put inflation front and centre and make living our lives more affordable,” Viersen says.
Poilievre becomes the third leader of the party since 2015 when Viersen was first elected.
Viersen says Poilievre plans to announce a shadow cabinet and committee roles in about one month.
Viersen congratulates Grande Prairie – Mackenzie MP Chris Warkentin, who was already appointed by Poilievre as the party co-ordinator for Question Period.

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